Finest IT consulting since 1986.

IT consulting on almost every computer related fields.

Data protection solutions (online data-security, backup), data recovery.

E-commerce establishment (webshop setup and management).

Website and hosting solutions. Online brand protection.

Server and security gateway/filter solutions.

Internet, cloud, local network, or single computer solutions.

Linux (network/security and server/workstation/desktop) services and solutions.

Developing for desktops (graphical user interface) on Windows platform. Task and process automation on Windows and Linux platform. Developing for network client/server architecture.

Preliminary consulting, initiation, migration, change management and product support, SaaS (software as a service), trendy cloud solution on request, from a selection of solutions or Google GSuite.

The portfolio reflects only the requirements of the partners, like the integration to the existing company image or the partner's monetary conditions, but the possibilities are more comprehensive.

Experience: Virtualization: vmWare, VirtualBox, Docker, etc. Security survey, information risk analysis, defense development, firewalls, security gateway solutions. Antivirus solutions, backup solutions. Networks: Novell, Windows, Linux, many protocols, LAN/WAN. Enterprise email messaging solutions: Postfix, Mailtraq, CommuniGatePro, etc. Internet: servers (Apache, Tomcat, etc.), DHTML, CSS programming, Web services (development, management, design, hosting), e-commerce, webshop. Developing: Java (Servlet, JSP, JDBC, MVC, J2EE), Assembly, Basic, AutoIt, Bash, Awk, PHP, Python. Database handling: PostgreSQL, MySQL, dBase, FoxPro, Clipper, Btrieve/Magic. Operating systems: many Linux, all Windows, Novell NetWare, SCO/BSD-Unix, OS/2, BeOS, QNX, some type of DOS, web/SaaS operating systems (e.g. EyeOS, Ulteo). Hardware building, repairing, maintenance and managing. Smaller ERP systems, management software (accountancy-financial: invoice, store-recording, wage-system, etc.). Microsoft Office, Libre/OpenOffice, KOffice, etc. Systems-administrator experience, project management and operator-trainer experience.

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